This is the precise way to apply…

I believe that most people have heard of a 金箔面膜 applying facial masks every day, a few pieces a day or even more. It is true that there are rumors about these lies and legends. You must contact your own practice situation and skin condition to analyze such rumors. , Whether it is the promotion of merchants and manufacturers, whether there is the rhetoric of the middleman, which makes me not as beautiful as XX, so full because I am not willing to put money into the face project, thus hoarding facial masks and applying them like rumors. Facial mask!

Sleep mask instead of night cream

It is recommended that everyone, even if they use a bed mask, is most fortunate to 金箔面膜 going to bed and apply it to the skin care process before going to bed! It is important to know that the sleeping mask contains some chemicals to soothe the skin. It is put on a layer of sleep every day, which can easily cause “excess nutrients", grow fat particles, and even absorb moisture from the skin, and the skin’s self-repairing power will also decrease. And the most basic, it will easily soil the quilt pillow, which will breed bacteria, so it is not suitable for overnight use during sleep, and it is not suitable for daily use, just twice a week.

Make a mask every day

Don’t apply a facial mask every day to maintain proper hydration. After a long time, the hair follicles and sebaceous glands will become inflamed due to congestion, causing acne and acne. In the past, we had an article about the skin care essentials of broken muscles in Japan. You can refer to it. You should know that if you blindly rely on facial masks, excessive use will not make your skin really better, but will cause a burden on your skin. , Causing various problems.

Do not pay attention to clean but frequently put on the mask

The skin’s keratin is gradually accumulating. When there is no immediate exfoliation care nurse, if you only value daily moisturizing mask, it is like applying a layer of substance between the unshed keratin to make it temporarily smooth and moisturized. The result of the accumulation of time is that the keratin will be so thick that it cannot transmit light, and the skin will naturally lose its luster and become dry and lifeless.

Acne-prone skin keep using sleep mask

The skin texture is different, and the corresponding skin care essentials are also different. The bed mask usually has a translucent or transparent gel texture, which is suitable for sensitive and oily skin. For dry skin, it is recommended to use a nourishing cream mask with a higher amount of oil. Facial mask is the first choice for acne-prone skin, because this type of skin is more sensitive. If you want to use a sleeping mask, it is recommended to wash it off with water after applying it for 20 minutes to avoid clogging and reproducing acne.

Apply the film over time without throwing a drop of essence

The knowledge of diligence and frugality is extremely 金箔面膜 and support, but you must choose the right place for the benefits! If you apply the mask for a long time, it will cause the mask to absorb water, and the skin will lose water and nutrition. In fact, you will feel this way when you tear off the dry mask. It is wise to follow the instruction manual. If you are really reluctant to throw away the remaining essence, it is recommended to use it on other parts of the body.


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